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There is a general healthy amount of skepticism towards all these solution but since technology is evolving fast we might have reached a point where such a machine is good enough for projects like us that assemble a medium amount of PCBs per batch.

1 Liteplacer

500 parts/hour

2 cameras

1700€ for self assembly kit

Useful thing to do with a LitePlacer

Pimp my LitePlacer

2 Charmhigh CHMT48VA

5.650 $

3000-4000 parts/hour

2 cameras/vision systems

Linux inside

two nozzles

number of reels?

3 Mechatronika M10V,en/

1200 - 1600 CPH

max. 40 feeders

supported parts range from 0201 to 40 x 40 mm

Automatic nozzle change (8 nozzles)

price: 14.600€

feeders add around 3.000 - 5.000 €

software, etc. not included so above 20.000€ total is realistic.

4 Borey

no reviews found so far

5 NeoDen TM220A, TM240A, TM245P


6 Manncorp MC-400

3000 CPH

64 feeders

starting at $44,995.00 got this one

7 NeoDen 4

New machine introduced in Fall 2015

can place 0201

placed component height limit is 5mm (

It has an integrated PC using an Atom processor. It runs Windows XP, in chinese. (

If you get the non-conveyor belt option mounting PCBs does not seem to be very convenient: a user built his own system to take care of this (would also be an option for us).

  • 4 placement nozzles
  • Applicable components: minimum 0201, maximum TQFP240, can also mount BGA, QFN
  • up to 48 sets of automatic electric feeders
  • available with pcb holder or pcb conveyor
  • 10000 CPH (vision off), 5000 CPH (vision on)

NeoDen has a global Network of resellers. From a european reseller we would get support, warranty in the EU and and the machine has to be CE certified!

EU introduction price is 7.500€ for the pcb holder version

  • machine with stand
  • 8 tape feeders
  • vibratory stick feeder


  • 8mm: 70€/Pcs
  • 12mm: 80€/Pcs
  • 16mm: 100€/Pcs

We would need at least 1500€ for additional feeders...


Introduction of NeoDen4

Placing 0201

placing TQFP144

There is a lot of activity on youtube at the moment. Tutorials, demos and so on...

8 Visionbot

2000 parts/hour

3000$ - 6500$ options (depending on number of feeders)

"We have two VisionBot machines that are gonna be shipped nationally in Romania to two customers. One will be shipped next Saturday. We prefer national customers first, because in case they find any malfunctions in VisionBot, we are able to fix them fast. Unfortunately, we can not ship it right away. We are looking to redesign the feeding system (at least 3 weeks) because it takes too much time for us to create and manufacture the automatic feeding system within VisionBot." 11th Jan 2016

9 SmallSMT

Dual Head

6000 - 10000$

2000- 3600 parts/hour

Software is Windows only and requires USB dongle for copy protection.

reviews here sound promising:

10 Novastar L-SF40 Benchtop

around 18,000 $

11 DIY options


The goal of the OpenPnP project is to design open software and hardware for a fully functional SMT pick and place machine for under 1000$. The software seems to be out of the beta phase and is used in a lot of other PnP projects. Also the sources of their hardware are available but still work in progress...

Homepage: OpenPnP

Sources: Hardware Software

Video: Demos of Jason von Nieda

FirePick Delta:

The FirePick Delta looks like a very promising project. It is planned as kind of self replicating PnP machine. Based on a lot of open source projects it also uses OpenPnP. With a quick changing head you can select from different tool tips like SMT vacuum nozzles, SMT paste extruder or 3D printing head. Beta testing kits for 1500$ are out in the wild. For the promised ability of placing 0402 parts there is still a long way to go...

Homepage: FirePick Delta

Documentation: Beta Kit Documentation

Video: FirePick Promotion

3D Printed Pick 'n Place by Jtroncis:

A very compact and functional design. At the moment only a few parts of the machine are published on Thingiverse but a good source for ideas if you plan to design your own PnP machine... no public activity at the moment and no response to inqierys!

jtronic blog (german)

The Thing on Thingieverse

Video: The first job

Other builds: