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===DC Supply===
===DC Supply===

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1 DC Supply

The AXIOM Beta developer kits ship with 5V DC power supply.

AXIOM Beta takes two 5V inputs (1x Microzed, 1x rest of electronics) and together draws 4A max, power consumption depends on operation and is in the 10-20 W range typically.

2 DC/DC Converter

Two 5V 2.5A output converters should be suitable.

For batteries both isolated as well as non-isolated DC converters are suitable.

https://octopart.com/search?q=171050601 would be an option.

3 Active Battery Mount

Axiom-beta-concept-enlosure-02 - above.png

Battery mount for NP-F970/F750/F550 batteries to power the AXIOM Beta. Includes power usage and capacity monitoring to estimate remaining charge and time remaining.

InfoLithium Protocol

Proprietary protocol from Sony that exchanges metadata between batteries and devices. Expected data inside the protocol includes: charge cycles, battery ID, remaining total capacity, remaining current capacity, etc. Only official Sony batteries incorporate this protocol, cheap replacement parts don't and some Pro Sony cameras refuse operation with batteries without InfoLithium communication.

Decrypting this protocol could give us more insight into the battery but is not essential as we can measure the discharge curve and estimate remaining capacity rather accurately that way.

Hacking References

4 Batteries

With batteries the conveniences are being able to:

  • measure power consumption (AXIOM Beta does that already)
  • estimate time left for operation (AXIOM Beta measures voltages - it still requires an algorithmn that turns the discharge curve into a time estimate)
  • set low voltage warning level

Sony NPF970 1308575013000 352125.jpg

4.1 Sony NP-F*00

  • Dimensions: 70 x 38.5 x Depth mm (depth varies with capacity).
  • Voltage: 7.2 - 7.4V
  • Capacity: 2600 - 6600mAh

3D Model: https://cad.onshape.com/documents/378fdc7cb1bbff982219eee3/w/09323a194f01c81168e0369a/e/45714b1530f14e92fe5f37b5

On Labs: Battery System