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1 Raw16

1.1 Format Specifications

  • no header, little endian, 16bit (12msb padded with 4lsb zeroes)
  • starting at the top left, with 3072 rows of 4096 columns
  • the data is in bayer pattern RG/GB
  • image sensor registers dump (128 x 16bit, big endian) appended

1.2 Opening in Photoshop

  • rename the file extension from ".raw16" to ".raw"


1.2.1 Samples

XZ compressed sample files (use 7Zip to uncompress under windows: http://www.7-zip.org/)


1.2.2 Metadata block

To display the metadata from a raw16 file:

cat image.raw16 | dd bs=256 skip=98304 | ./metadatareader 

The DNG converter expects the register block to be present so if it has not been saved with the image in camera:

To append an empty metadata block (sensor registers):

(cat old.raw16; dd if=/dev/zero bs=256 count=1) > new.raw16

To append an existing register block dumped into a file:

cat old.raw16 some.reg > new.raw16

2 RAW12

There is also the derived format that leaves out the 4 lsb zeros.

2.1 Samples


2.2 Quick debayer

cat test.raw12 | convert \( -size 4096x3072 -depth 12 gray:- \) \( -clone 0 -crop -1-1 \) \( -clone 0 -crop -1+0 \) \( -clone 0 -crop +0-1 \) -sample 2048x1536 \( -clone 2,3 -average \) -delete 2,3 -swap 0,1 +swap -combine test_color.png

2.3 Conversion to RAW16

Convert RAW12 -> RAW16 with imagemagick:

convert -size 4096x3072 -depth 12 gray:input.raw12 -depth 16 gray:output.raw16

2.4 Conversion to DNG

Convert RAW12 -> DNG with raw2dng:

raw2dng file.raw12

Output will be file.DNG; width is assumed 4096, height is auto-detected from file size. For more options, run raw2dng without any arguments.

2.5 Metadata handling

Show metadata from a raw12 file (without converting it):

raw2dng file.raw12 --dump-regs

or, with metadatareader:

cat image.raw12 | dd bs=256 skip=73728 | ./metadatareader