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1 About

A rather simple demo python program to preview raw12 files. You can switch between monochrome and color mode. Output is not meant to replace a proper raw development workflow but is meant as a quick and easy way to see what a raw12 file contains.

2 Prerequsiites

sudo apt install python3, python3-pip, python3-tk
pip3 install PySimpleGUI

3 Usage

run with:

python3 raw12viewer.py image.raw12

4 Filetype Association

To open the viewer automatically when double clicking on raw12 files the filetype needs to be associated.

Here is a guide how to do that on Ubuntu/Debian Linux based distros:

Create/edit a .desktop file located in ~/.local/share/applications/ or /usr/share/applications/

In our case we called it raw12viewer.desktop and the content is (make sure the Exec path points to your local location of the script):

[Desktop Entry]
Name=raw12 Viewer
Exec=python3 /home/user/Documents/GitHub/misc-tools-utilities/raw12-viewer.py %F

Then right click a raw12 file and select Open With -> Other Application and scroll down to your newly created entry called "raw12 Viewer". Raw12 viewer filetype associaton.png

5 Source Code


6 Development Todo List