required footage

Alex can analyze the footage recorded by the 3rd party recorder and needs the following:

  • make sure your Beta is running in experimental 4k raw mode (1080p60 with A+B frames)
  • short HDMI captured clip from the 3rd party recorder
  • raw12 still image captured during the HDMI recording

This kind of script is helpful to execute during HDMIrecording:

#stop HDMI stream:
fil_reg 15 0

#capture image
./cmv_snap3 -r -2 -e 10ms > image.raw12

#start HDMI stream:
fil_reg 15 0x01000100

  • HDMI captured 1-minute clip with dark frames (lens cap on camera, black cloth covering camera in a completely dark room - its very important that absolutely no photon hits the sensor surface)