Raw processing recorder benchmarking

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required footage

Alex can analyze the footage recorded by the 3rd party recorder and needs the following:

  • make sure your Beta is running in experimental 4k raw mode (1080p60 with A+B frames)
  • short HDMI captured clip from the 3rd party recorder
  • raw12 still image captured during the HDMI recording

This kind of script is helpful to execute during HDMI recording:

#stop HDMI stream:
fil_reg 15 0

#capture image
./cmv_snap3 -r -2 -e 10ms > image.raw12

#start HDMI stream:
fil_reg 15 0x01000100

Taking a snapshot during HDMI recording with the above script will pause the HDMI stream for a few seconds, where it will alternate between two frames. These two frames will be from the same raw data as image.raw12, so they contain all that's needed to figure out what kind of processing the HDMI recorder applies to the image, and how to undo it in order to recover the raw data.

Ideally, the scene should contain fine details (such as tissue, fine print) and rich colors. A color chart (which usually contains some fine print as well) is a very good choice.

  • HDMI captured 1-minute clip with dark frames (lens cap on camera, black cloth covering camera in a dark room)