Remote Test System for AXIOM Remote

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1 Project Summary

The Axiom Remote is a remote control unit designed to compliment the AXIOM Beta range of cameras. Since there has been significant development on the Axiom Remote, it is essential to have a provision to test the Remote, remotely, and in an automated way. The aim of this project was to develop a Remote Test System to simulate button and rotary encoder action on the Axiom Remote via external hardware. The main goals of this project was :

  • Implement and test the HDL to simulate button presses and encoder turns via simple commands
  • Add advanced actions for testing like button bounces and encoder skipping
  • Design a test framework to run automated tests

The major objectives of the project have been met. VHDL code for the gateware and a python framework for running automated tests, have been developed over the summer.

Google Summer of Code 2021 project.

Mentored by: Herbert Poetzl (@Bertl) and Robin Heinemann (@vup)

Student: Vinayak Sankar (@vnksnkr)

2 Important URLs

- Lab Task

- Project Page

- Source Code

- Final Project Report