The Center Solder On (CSO) is a small addon PCB that can be added to one of the slots of the Beta Main Board.

1 CSO1

The very first CSO simply had a few LEDs on it that could be made to blink in different patterns.


The second design is intended as inertial measurement unit (IMU) and features 10 DOF (degrees of freedom) sensors: acceleration (3D), orientation (3D), magnetic field (3D) and pressure (1) it also measure temperature, primarily for internal compensation.


  • LSM6DS3H: Accelerometer ODR up to 6.66 kHz, Gyroscope ODR up to 3.33 kHz, 2 - 5 €/pc.
  • LIS3MDL: 3D Magnetometer ODR 20 Hz, 1 - 2 €/pc.
  • DPS310: Air pressure and temperature sensor, ±0.05 m relative accuracy, 24 bit results, 1 - 3 €/pc.