For voucher holders as of 17.11.17. - 2.100€ + 441 taxes = 2.541€. Free shipping


elkos, fredy, pierros

elkos@libre.space I will check on with the rest of the team to see if anyone has had a voucher. BTW will any of you guys be at CCC or FOSDEM

like saying: the dev kit is officially 3990€ plus taxes but we would give you 20% (or whatever percentage we come up with) discount

vat in belgium is 21%

How fast is Oshpark? <Bertl> it really depends on a number of things <Bertl> first, they panelize your designs, so it takes a while till the panel goes to the fab <Bertl> then the 'normal' fab time (depends on when the panel is submitted) <Bertl> and when it returns, depanelization and shipping (usually happens on the same day) <Bertl> and for shipping, you have basically two options, express and default <Kjetil> They panelize with other designs? <Bertl> yep <Kjetil> ah <Kjetil> I guess it might take a bit of time to fill a panel <Bertl> they now have 2 panels a week (4 layer) <Bertl> sometimes even more, but it was 'good news' that it basically went to the fab on the next day, so we got lucky there <Kjetil> :) <Bertl> so usually between 10 and 20 days from Austria