There is an apertus° Telegram group. If you're not familiar with the platform it's a partially open source chat messenger that's available on both desktop and mobile.

The application can be downloaded from here.

The apertus° group can be found here

There is also a Spanish AXIOM group here:

Note: Telegram's client-side code is open-source software (the source code for recent versions is not always immediately published), whereas its server-side code is closed-source and proprietary. Telegram Privacy Policy.

1 Plus Messenger and Telegram

Plus Messenger is an open source application that uses Telegram's API. It allows users to customise everything in the Telegram user interface.

The application can be downloaded from here.

GitHub repo.

2 AXIOM Themes

The following AXIOM themes have been made available:

2.1 How to Install AXIOM Themes on Mobile

  • Download an XML theme and background onto your mobile device (typically this will save to - Internal Memory > Telegram >Themes).
  • Open Plus Messenger.
  • Click on 'Menu', navigate to 'Theming' and select 'Apply theme file'.
  • Navigate to - Internal Memory > Telegram >Themes, and select the chosen theme/background.