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Welcome to the world of apertus°

Individual projects being worked on inside the community are quite complex and if you're unfamiliar then getting an initial overview can be difficult. Please accept these pointers to assist.

How to join the team (High demand for Blender bods and web developers presently)

Project Background (how the project got started and basic camera structure)

GitHub repository

OpenCine (a free RAW processing suite in active development. Much of the technical deliberation takes place inside the Lab. It has a corresponding Twitter acct @apertusOpenCine )

AXIOM Beta I Video (you may want to see early test footage submissions. There are uncompressed .mov .mp4 and .dng files in 720p, 1080p and 4K archived here if you'd like to play with them)

AXIOM Beta II cost and availability

AXIOM Beta II pre-order notification (receive an email when a more user-friendly version of the camera is ready to ship)

apertus° website (articles charting development milestones are posted here)


If you'd like to donate, see - here.

If you'd like to communicate with someone directly please email