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1 Drupal Related Notes

1.1 frontpage in multiple languages

Problem: translations of frontpage content do not display when going to, or

Solution: links should go to instead of and the 'latest_news' block as well as the 'View: Nivo Slider' block have to be set explicitly to display on translated nodes: <front>, node/50, etc.

1.2 Drupal6 to 7 Migration Checklist

  • migrate axiom-dev to axiom subdomain -> done
  • change $base_url for /doc_root/alpha_minisite/subsites/en -> done
  • change apache conf.d files -> done
  • verify boost is working -> done
  • monitor 404s -> /admin/reports/page-not-found
  • add old website to header -> done

1.3 Global Apertus Website Header


1.3.1 Theming

There is a subtheme, called "apertus_bootstrap" which is in use now.

In this theme there is an apertus.css file.

Please try to respect the structure of this file:

  • google fonts imports (they must be the first items in this file, don't ask me why)
  • general typography
  • general page modifications
  • nodes
  • fields
  • views
  • ui

It makes it easier to find your way. General rule: as little css as possible, only override what is needed. Ask for help, make backups. markitup editor

This wysiwyg editor is the perfect mix of the normal text editor for programmers and the colorful GUI of a real WYSIWYG editor that does not produce terribly bloated HTML. CSS Theme Preview
/sites/all/libraries/markitup/markitup/templates/preview.html must link to all the relevant CSS files currently in use in the theme.

This is hardcoded and must be changed when switching themes. Also the node structure that drupal creates must be emulated here so the class structure can be used 1:1 like the following:

<div style="border:1px solid #BBB; padding:10px; width:879px;">
	<div id="content">
		<div class="content">
			<div class="node">
				<!-- content -->

The preview window size can be adapted to the size of the actual page container in


1.3.2 Todo

  • [non-essential] is there a way to make the colorbox either display images at their original size or if the image is too big use a fixed percentage of the screen (like CSS width: 90%) ?
  • [non-essential] display current language in top nav (with flag symbol maybe)

1.4 Apertus Forums

Using phpbb.

1.4.1 Fixing Email notifications "from" Name

Manually edited /includes/functions_messenger.php at line 477 and 482 to add the "From" Name