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[edit] Project Overview

This device, and when released the associated software, is designed to be a comprehensive remote control unit for the AXIOM range of cameras.

As with all software & hardware that is pre-production the information contained on this page is subject to changes.

[edit] General Concept

File:AXIOM Remote V3 ButtonPos.pdf

AXIOM Remote- Layout.png


Camera Docking Station:



ClipInOin.jpg RemoteReleaseSwitchjpg.jpg

SpringRelease.jpg SpringRelease2.jpg

[edit] Operation Concepts


[edit] Electronic Components

In consideration: hand soldered to our own PCB

iphone 4 replacement display (326 PPI 3.5" 960×640 px) or smaller bezel )(documentation through:  ?)

3D accelerometer to measure device orientation (optional)

4x AA battery tray

firmware stored on microSD card

no internal RTC and no button cell -> RTC in Beta instead

ALPS SRBE210200 rotary + push switch


SMT type rotary encoders:

Beta connectivity through Hirose HR10A-7P-4S (a bit expensive but massive) or alternatively 4 pin 2.5 or 3.5mm audio cables: plus metal receptor on Beta and Remote:

RS232C as Beta <-> Remote protocol

[edit] TODO, next steps

  1. pick buttons, rotary encoders, etc components, collect datasheets and extract documentation about each components footprint and positions here

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