Beta CMV12K THT Sensor Board

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Note: For the development ZIF version of this sensor board see Beta CMV12K ZIF Sensor Board

00-SB1b-001- AXIOM Beta CMV12000 THT Sensor Board V016R13c w Sensor Show 1150web.jpg

1 About

The CMV12000 THT (Through-hole technology) Sensor Board is using a special socket for hosting the CMV12000 image sensor. The sensor is installed during the assembly process and cannot be removed any more afterwards without special tools. If your application requires switching/swapping image sensors please consider the ZIF Sensor Board instead.

00-SB1a-001- AXIOM Beta CMV12000 THT Sensor Board V016R13c Show 1150web.jpg

Full size image

2 Image Sensor Features

  • CMOS
  • global shutter
  • APS-C / Super35 diameter
  • 12 Megapixels (4096 x 3072) resolution
  • 320 frames per second (8bit), higher values at reduced resolution, lower values at higher bitdepth
  • 8, 10 or 12bit output
  • 10 stops (native), 15 stops with PLR HDR dynamic range
  • 5.5µm pixel size

3 PCB Features

  • PCB hole behind/below image sensor for optional sensor cooling
  • 32 of 64 LVDS pairs connected

4 Revisions


AXIOM Beta Sensor CMV12000 THT V0.16



AXIOM Beta Sensor CMV12000 v0.15

AXIOM Beta sensor CMV12000 v0.14

AXIOM Beta Sensor CMV12000 THT v0.13