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! scope=row style="text-align: left;" | LCap-001
! scope=row style="text-align: left;" | LCap-001
| 13mm || 60mm || -g
| 13mm || 60mm || -g


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1 AXIOM Beta

1.1 Developer Kit

1.1.1 AXIOM Beta Skeleton Frame - DKSF-001

10-DKSF Stack- ABDK Skeleton Frame.png

Height Width Length Weight
AXIOM Beta Skeleton Frame 65.1mm 111.76mm 9mm 47.9g
Footplate 8mm 30mm 44mm 27.9g
E-mount Lens Tube NA 61mm diameter NA 28g
AXIOM Beta Developer Kit (board stack, footplate, lens tube & skeleton framework) 65.1mm 111.76mm 74mm 319g

1.2 Compact

1.2.1 CEEM-001 : ABCP Enclosure E-Mount

10-CEEM Stack- ABCP Enclosure E-Mount 02.png

Height Width Length Weight
ABCP Enclosure E-Mount full stack 12mm 66mm 66mm -g
10-CEEMBa-001 ABCP Enclosure E-Mount Bayonet 1.2mm 58.5mm - -g
10-CEEMB-001 ABCP Enclosure E-Mount Body 8.7mm 66mm 66mm -g
10-CEFh-001 ABCP Enclosure Filter Holder 2mm 66mm 66mm -g
10-CEEMR-001 ABCP Enclosure E-Mount Release Button - - - -g
1.2.2 CEEM-001 : ABCP Enclosure Sensor Housing
Height Width Length Weight
ABCP Enclosure CMV12000 Heat Sink -mm -mm -mm -g

1.2.3 TODO - CECB
Height Width Length Weight
ABCP Enclosure Cap Bottom 16.3mm 125mm 76mm 0g
1.2.4 CECT-001 : ABCP Enclosure Cap Top


Height Width Length Weight
ABCP Enclosure Cap Top 0mm 0mm 0mm 0g

1.2.5 Compact Enclosure Shell
Height Width Length Weight
10-CESHa-001 ABCP Enclosure Shell Handle -mm -mm -mm -g
10-CEST-001 ABCP Enclosure Shell Top -mm -mm -mm -g
10-CESB-001 ABCP Enclosure Shell Bracket -mm -mm -mm -g

1.3 3D Printed Parts

Height Width Length Weight
PMHSup-001: HDMI Plugin Module Support 14.1mm 4.2mm 57.2mm -g
LCap-001 13mm 60mm -g

2 AXIOM Remote

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