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Our community’s debut camera is the result of years of collaboration with the Magic Lantern team. With custom-built printed circuit boards, newly developed FPGA cores and an onboard Linux operating system at the user's disposal, changing the entire configuration of a camera to suit the needs of any project is well possible.

If you can't find what you're looking for or if we can help you with custom requirements please contact us.

1 Overviews

Introduction ( PCBs
Camera Structure Prices
AXIOM Brochure PDF Download

2 Technical

User Manual (ABM) Raw Movie Recording (AXIOM Recorder)
Enclosures Remote Access Development and Testing Environment
Image Sensors Parts
Data and Colour

3 Resources

Case Studies Video Archive

4 How to Contribute

Research Pending Project Ambrosia
How to Contribute

ABCP LPCard e.png