IRC Team Meeting 2017-04-17

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We unintentionally double-documented the meeting :D, so there's two flavors of meeting minutes this time, plurality ftw!

Minutes Version A:

New AXIOM flyers ordered and shipped for upcoming AXIOM booths at Maker Faire Chemnitz, Maker Faire Vienna, Maker Faire Berlin, Make Munich and Linuxwochen Wien in the coming 6 weeks. At Make Munich and if it works well at the events following we will also hold SMD soldering workshops inside the AXIOM booth.

New versions of hardware arrived and will be assembled and/or tested: V0.30 Power Board, 3xmDP Plugin v1.3, HDMI Shield v0.2, USB 3.0 Plugin module

derWalter and dasChristoph reported about their journey to create an apertus° documentary and would like to get more statements and opinions from team members @

Intracube reported about the Optical Low Pass Filter community feedback and research results plus approaches and plans how to handle it in the Beta.

Full Logs:

Minutes Version B:

Included in this issue of the IRC team meeting:

Fairs upcoming (e.g. Maker Fair Sachsen in Chemnitz next weekend, followed by events in Vienna, Munich, Berlin in may/june) - working out new flyers for them (; new boards, plugins and shields arriving and being tested/assembled as well as up to six new working Betas coming up as Bertl reports in his customary hardware update; SMD soldering beginner workshops announcement for the upcoming fairs; Apertus documentary update - call for your support! ( -; Results of optical low-pass filter twitter poll ( and a new OLPF section added to wiki (;

Read up on the full meeting content in the logs: