1 Introduction

Some of the AXIOM project task priorities (usually in order of importance). See also Research Pending

If you're unfamiliar with our current project the AXIOM Beta is the world's first open source, free software, open hardware digital cinema camera - AXIOM Project Background.

Please accept this information as a call for assistance. If you have the required skills, and would be willing to contribute some of your time towards development, then these links should help introduce you to exactly what's required.

It would be beneficial for all concerned if you were to make contact through the preferred channels so that you can be brought up to speed on what's current - See Join the Team for contact channels and languages, and Useful Links for links to repos, sample files etc.

Photo credit: Maxime Fuhrer, AXIOM Belgique.

2 AXIOM Beta Related

2.1 Context: Road to Shipping AXIOM Beta Compact

We published this article on 17.07.17... which details some of the remaining tasks prior to the shipping of AXIOM Beta CP.

The items referenced there, are as follows:

  • 1) Full Enclosure (Design -> 3D print prototypes -> Review -> Redesign -> Metal Production) - 3d print prototypes soon -> participate.
  • 2) Battery solution - can be preliminary, eg. atomos power station or just USB power bank / backup battery with dual USB power cable we already have.
  • 3) Automated firmware builds.
  • 4) Evaluate and pre-install WiFi Sticks to ship with Betas.
  • 5) WebGUI for camera remote control (dependencies: REST, camera control daemon, automated firmware builds so webserver can be pre-installed).
  • 6) CE / FCC certification (time unknown).
  • 7) Software Rewrite (not essential for ABCP) - This isn't essential as, if it's not completed prior to the time-frames specified it can be released shortly thereafter.
  • 8) SDI Plugin Module (not essential for ABCP) - It will ship with the camera however.

2.2 Web GUI

One of the priorities at the moment is No.6 above, WebGUI, which is dependent on the following (links lead to task threads on AXIOM Labs):

3 OpenCine

OpenCine is a free RAW processing suite.

4 Web Related

We'd very much like to rebuild our website. Much of the design mock work has been done, and initial steps have been undertaken, but as all of our web-developers are occupied with other projects the task tends to be put onto the back-burner.

If you have Drupal experience and the projects interest you then we definitely need your help. Please contact us if you'd be willing to assist: https://www.apertus.org/contact

5 Associated Projects

5.1 Numato Opsis

Opsis Board 2.jpg

A friend of ours is looking for someone with CAD prowess to put together a 3D printable design for the Opsis board case.

Tim Ansell has done good work in the community - so far this year he's been instrumental in apertus° gaining GSoC acknowledgement and the logistics behind the AXIOM Beta SDI Plugin Module, development on which is now underway. Some bio reading here

The Numato Opsis board is a Mini-ITX standard, FPGA-based open source, open hardware video platform for videographers and visual artists that's typically geared towards conference capturing solutions and FPGA-based video research. It’s an interesting project and if you’re skilled in CAD it would be worthwhile assisting.

So far, 3D printable "face plates" have been done but they’re not final.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please email team@apertus.org and we'll put you in touch with the TimVideos team.