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Welcome to the world of apertus°

... and the home of FOSS, open hardware, community-driven, professional digital cinema and imaging tools.

Individual projects being worked on inside the community are various, please accept these pointers to assist with overviews.

PDF brochure - An introduction to the project and the cameras PDF.

Camera overview

Camera structure - Guide to camera specifications and components.

Newsletter - Subscribe to or read previous editions of the project's monthly newsletter.

Pre-order notifications - Receive an email when AXIOM Beta Compact and Extended are ready to ship.

apertus° Labs - Forum with some extra performance modules. Project tasks are organised and discussed here.

GitHub repository - Source code.

AXIOM Beta/Video - You may want to see early test footage submissions. There are uncompressed .mov .mp4 and .dng files in 720p, 1080p and 4K archived here if you'd like to play with them.

AXIOM Beta/Case Studies - Example case studies and adapting AXIOM Beta to suit unique project requirements.

AXIOM Beta Image Sensor Table - The community is keeping a log of which sensors are compatible with the camera.

Magic Lantern message boards.

If you'd like to donate, see here... and thank you.

If you'd like to communicate with someone directly please email us: