IRC Team Meeting 16.01.2017

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Big topic to discuss with community, team and association board: What are the requirements that we pay a third party for a service with donation/crowdfunding/misc money (so far we have not paid anyone this way, none from the team, none from a third party - a proposal for laying the ground rules to enable this in the future): The service must be required urgently There must be no alternative Reasonable effort to find someone do it pro-bono must have been made crowfunding money should not be used for anything not directly related to the AXIOM Beta development/production, donations should only be used as declared The association board needs consent before spending any money on services

Later when we sell products (company not association) we will have more money to fund further development and get help from professionals and pay our contributors this should become easier.

Team Reports:

Herbert (Bertl):

had some pc workstation hardware issues that required repair,

new AXIOM Beta SD card image created and uploaded (latest kernel, Arch updates, devicetree changes, etc.) - will be shared with all beta owners after some initial tests soon.

ESP32 shield design almost complete (only power left to be routed)

AXIOM Beta hand soldering assembly documentation session together with se6astian

David (davidak):

We reached out on social media and email to find help with drupal 8 theming

A few people replied and we will discuss with them

PR material: flyers almost ready but need a graphics designer for layout and finishing touches

Suggested to consider paying a designer to help us. like (helping open source projects, pay what you can basis) or ask here

Rex (rexOrCine):

Forum relaunched:

New forum theme being tailored now

Invite team to test before inviting community, backers, developers then general public, each step one week apart

Sebastian (se6astian):

Hackmd still not operational: - requires nodejs developer to review situation

liteplacer Pick and Place machine default camera replacement progress, 3d printing parts, receiving hardware, documentation progress:

openpnp progress with picking/placing and some code contributions

AXIOM Remote Plus tested - last remaining USB connection issues will be solved with bertls help:

One new assembly team crew trained

DIY Beta component price estimate online:

Full Log: