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<gallery mode="packed" heights="200">
<gallery mode="packed" heights="200">
Image:CMV12000 THT Sensor Board on e1e1e1.jpg  | CMV12000 THT Sensor Board
Image:CMV12000 THT Sensor Board on e1e1e1.jpg  |[[ Beta CMV12K THT Sensor Board]]
Image:BetaSensorBoardZIF 0.18 1.jpg | BetaSensorBoardZIF V0.18R1 PCB Top with components and CMV12000
Image:BetaSensorBoardZIF 0.18 1.jpg | [[Beta CMV12K ZIF Sensor Board]]

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1 00-SB: Sensor Boards

The Beta CMV12K ZIF Sensor Board hosts the heart of every cinema camera - the (CMOS) image sensor. apertus° offered three different sensor options during the crowd funding campaign; Super35, Super16 and 4/3rds, and as almost 90% of the backers opted for the Super35 sensor its respective module was developed first. The camera uses the ams Sensors Belgium CMV12000.

2 00-MB: Main Boards

00-MB-001- AXIOM Beta Main Board V0.36R1.2 Bottom Populated 02 Show sm b.jpg

Full size image

The Beta Main Board is the camera's equivalent of a PC's motherboard. It hosts two external medium-speed shield connectors and two high-speed plugin module slot connectors - These act as a central switch for defining where the data that's captured by the sensor and other interfaces gets routed to inside the hardware. In this regard, all specifics can be dynamically reconfigured in software.

BOMs and Schematics of all AXIOM Beta Main Boards - https://wiki.apertus.org/index.php/Beta_Main_Board

3 00-PB: Power Boards

00-PB-002- ABDK Power Board V0.30R1.0 Show.jpg

The AXIOM Beta Power Board PCB generates all the different supply voltages for the chips and logic on the other PCB’s inside the camera. It also monitors currents so that it can estimate remaining power based on the recorded consumption. In the current revision of the camera a predefined set of supply voltages matching the current application with the rest of the camera have been generated, in the future however, it will be possible for users to dynamically reconfigure voltages according to their needs through the camera’s software.

BOMs and Schematics of all AXIOM Beta Power Boards - https://wiki.apertus.org/index.php/Beta_Power_Board

3.1 00-SHDMI: HDMI Plugin Modules

ABCS-SHDMI-02c AXIOM Beta 1 x HDMI Plugin Module V0.7 R1.0 Top Populated Show sm.jpg

Full size image

This module provides one 1080p60 HDMI output stream via 4 LVDS channels directly from the Zynq on the Microzed.

BOMs and Schematics of all AXIOM Beta HDMI Plugin Modules - https://wiki.apertus.org/index.php/Beta_HDMI_Plugin_Module

  • 00-SB-002-0V16-1R3c
  • 00-SB-003-1V2-1R2
  • 00-SiB-001-0V12-1R0
  • 00-DS-001-0V1-1R0
  • 00-MB-001-0V36-1R2
  • 00-CSO-001-
  • 00-SPMOD-001-0V1-1R0
  • 00-SPMOD-002-0V1-1R1
  • 00-TPMOD-001-1V2-1R0
  • 00-TPMOD-002-1V2-1R1
  • 00-SHDMI-001-0V2
  • 00-SHDMI-002-0V4
  • 00-SHDMI-003-0V5
  • 00-SHDMI-004-0V6
  • 00-SHDMI-005-0V8-1R2
  • 00-PMODD-001-1V0