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The following indexes all of the pages contained on this Wiki in alphabetical format.


If you're a new user welcome to the community.

  • For reading on project beginnings and history see AXIOM Project Background.
  • For an introduction to the camera's components see AXIOM Beta Camera Structure.
  • If you'd like to contribute towards software development then please see Mission Briefings.
  • For sample still/video files, camera availability, socials and other important stuff see Useful Links.

The AXIOM Beta Manual (ABM) can be downloaded in pdf or tex and in various languages from AXIOM Beta/Manual/Versions

If you know where you're going then use 'Index' on the right of this page to navigate directly to Wiki subsections.

Should you experience difficulties or have a query then our preferred platform for conducting immediate communications is IRC. For guides and channel details see Join the Team.

In some instances the instructions we have prepared are written in a manor which can be easily followed by those who don't possess a deep technical knowledge. If you are an advanced creature please keep this in mind.


  • Notes on Userspace: Arch Linux comes with systemd, which has the advantage of incredibly fast boot processing. Standard tools such as sshd and dhcpcd have been pre-installed during camera assembly.
  • One solution to storing camera relevant parameters inside the camera and to provide access from most programming languages is to use a database like Berkeley DB.