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For details on how AXIOM Beta is constructed please see Camera Structure.

PCBs - Main Stack Part No Page brd & sch BOM 3D
CMV12K ZIF Sensor Board 00-ZSB Link Link - -
CMV12K THT Sensor Board 00-TSB Link Link Link -
Interface Dummy Board 00-SiB Link - - -
Main Board 00-MB Link - - -
CSO 00-CSO Link - - -
Power Board 00-PB Link Link Link -
MicroZed™ 00-XMZ Link Link Link Link

PCBs - Plugin Modules Part No Page brd & sch BOM 3D
1 x PMOD 00-SPMOD Link Link Link -
3 x PMOD 00-TPMOD Link Download Link -
1 x HDMI 00-SHDMI Link Link Link -
1 x USB3.0 00-SUSB Link Link - -
Dual SDI 00-DSDI Link - - -
Dual SATA 00-DSAT Link - - -
MicroZed™ 00-XMZ Link - - -

PCBs - Shields Part No Page brd & sch BOM 3D
Debug Shield 00-DS Link Link Link -

PCBs - Associated Part No Page brd & sch BOM 3D
Power Adapter Board 00-PA Link Link - -

Shields Part No
AXIOM Beta Debug Shield 00-DS

Associated PCBs Part No
AXIOM Beta Power Adapter Board 00-PA
AXIOM Beta Power Button Board TODO

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